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Our mission is inspiring, encouraging, and engaging young people and families into discovering solutions to live with integrity, responsibility, and purpose.

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Workbooks and Teacher's Guides can now be purchased by your school through the Caxton Printers, LTD.: 
Elementary Level I Workbook ready for classes Fall 2010. This workbook is appropriate for Pre-School, Kindergarten, and elementary level students. (Teacher's Guide is also available.)
Revised -- Elementary Level II Workbook has just been printed in a new revision. This workbook is for the next level of elementary students. (Teacher's Guide is also available.)
Jr./Middle Level Workbook is just right for the teen. (Teacher's Guide is also available.)
Upper Level Workbook is geared for the senior high, college student or adults. (This is a self-directed workbook; no teacher/facilitator guide is needed.)
All workbooks are now $15.00 each. Contact admin@walkinthetalk.org for return customer special pricing.

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is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been working with youth since 1996.   From the insides of every child, greater character is developed through social and emotional intelligence.

Why? . . .  Our society is delivering messages that are leading our children to make harmful personal choices.  In Walkin' the Talk, young people access the impact of social messages and their responsibility concerning them. They are inspired to tell themselves the truth about what they choose and why they choose it.

Too frequently teens have difficulty in school, not because they lack the basic intelligence, but because they lack the social and emotional skills to cope with life's stress and negativity. They are bombarded from media and peer pressure concerning drugs, alcohol, smoking, clothing styles, sex, etc. Walkin' the Talk gives young people the tools to reach out and examine their thoughts and feelings and recognize they have a choice about their behavior regardless of circumstances.

Students are taught life skills and universal truths, from their own perspectives.  They are taught how to understand the origin, significance, and meaning of their past choices, consequences, thoughts, and emotions. They learn to transform their own lives by making more healthy positive decisions. 

    "I think honesty builds a bridge." --5th grader

●  Students acquire the tools to discover, understand, and be accountable for their personal strengths.  "Stay true to the
good in you. . . "
●  Personal integrity, accountability, good character, and a strong work ethic are successful life skills that Walkin' the Talk teaches.

My integrity is rewarded,
sooner or later. 

●  It’s everyone’s job to manage 
their own behaviors, choose and live from their positive qualities.

Facilitated by teachers and/or counselors using an individualized autobiographical workbook, “Know Thyself©,"   Walkin' the Talk works in any school, special group, classroom, or extra curricular setting.

Students explore universal life-skill concepts like integrity, responsibility, conflict management, life purpose & career options, teamwork, personal de-angering tools, and positive work ethic.  They discover that all actions have consequences.  They always have a choice and will pay for or get paid for every choice they make, sooner or later. They learn to think ahead, reflect, and plan the results for their positive choices.

Through writing, drawing, group interaction, music, and video clips, students have fun learning self-management tools in an upbeat and fast paced individualized curriculum.

Students love it because they are learning about life, human behavior, and positive relationships from within themselves.

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